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Trenton Youth Soccer League (TYSL) 

TYSL Program: Welcome
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Where and When

The free TYSL program -- Play for Fun, Learn for Life --has year round sessions, after-school, Saturdays and summers, without the need for transport in safe, accessible and cost-effective public facilities:  Trenton schools, City recreation centers and parks and the Trenton Housing Authority /Donnelly Homes.  This structure helps working families with limited time and budget to provide for their families and gives an equitable opportunity for positive educational impact and family involvement.

During the fall/winter and spring, the TYSL operates Saturday mornings and during the week afterschool in accordance with the schedule of the Trenton District Schools.  During the summer it operates in parks on a schedule in accordance with the Division of Recreation.


What happens at a program session

Each seasonal program currently meets twice a week, for approximately 1 and ½ hours at each session, over a period of 6/7 weeks. The meetings have a well-defined curriculum that includes 60 minutes of soccer- based training and scrimmage, plus other soccer-based physical exercises that incorporate activity-based education to teach and reinforce health and social skills and resilience.  All children participate regardless of skill.   A healthy fruit snack is served.

The TYSL structure includes a friendly league match among TYSL sites that is held at one of the site public facilities.  League matches are held at the end of each seasonal program.  Parents are invited to attend and join the fun!


Who Participates

In 2019, nearly 600 children participated and many more are waiting to join.  Approximately 40% were girls. Everyone plays regardless of skill.


Children and youth from various schools and public facilities participated during the academic year at 10 sites across Trenton.  During the summer the TYSL operated at 3 sites across the City to provide access for different neighborhoods. As funding permits additional sites and sessions are added.


In 2022 as recovery from COVID continues, the sites listed below are expected to operate with added sites as funding permits.



  • Elementary schools: Gregory, Parker, Washington, Wilson, Martin Luther King, Columbus

  • Middle schools: Hedgepath, Dunn, Rivera


Other Locations:

  • Trenton Housing Authority / Donnelly Homes

  • Sam Naples Recreation Center

  • George Page Park

  • Columbus Park


Who Coaches the TYSL

The TYSL coach/instructors are Trenton teachers. The TYSL aims to unite public and private resources to support educational performance as an integral component of the “whole child, whole school, whole community” model of education and to invest in the well-being, public health of Trenton’s children and youth.  Older youth from Trenton High serve as student instructors to assist the coaches, earning a stipend and references for their community service.

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Season Schedules

TYSL program schedules are publicized by each school office, the Division of Recreation, recreation centers, the Trenton Housing Authority and other community organizations such as the East Trenton Center where PSNI has an office. Summer programs are publicized through the same methods. Program schedules vary by the school, according to the availability of the gym facility.

Information can also be obtained by calling PSNI at 609.651.0854 (or 609.250.5855 for Spanish).


How To Register

Permission to participate must be given in writing by parents or guardians before any child can play in the TYSL. Permission forms are available at all sites.  Afterschool program participation at each site usually has to be capped at about 30 children for safety reasons because gym facilities are limited in size.  In this case, waiting lists are created.  Summer programs take place in parks that accommodate any number of children and youth so registration is not limited.

TYSL Program: Programs

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